We all want to give the best care for our beloved pets and want them to have a happy and pain-free life!

Unfortunately, 4 in 5 dogs over the age of 8 are affected by osteoarthritis and have some degree of pain and immobility!

Thanks to an award-winning oligopeptide discovery there is a natural solution that can slow down the effects of ageing and provide for pain-free, healthy golden years!

Give BiogenicPet Vitality a try and restore your dog’s vitality!

BiogenicPET Vitality is proven to help:

  • recovery from severe cases of osteoarthritis and immobility

  • recovery from serious but not severe cases of osteoarthritis

  • recovery from injuries and speed up post-surgery healing

  • restore youthful energy, vitality, and willingness to move


Meet Ace, an 11-year-old Labrador Retriever ex-fire service search dog, his full recovery from 4 years of a severe case of arthritis in his front left paw toes, and his return to restored youthful energy and vitality in less than 8 weeks!

„If it wasn’t for the BiogenicPet Vitality tablets Ace would not be able to walk and move freely today, let alone run and play with his friends, which eventually would have had a toll on his soul, body and spirit to the point of rapidly declining health. Thanks to the novel opportunity provided by Dogs Today Magazine and BiogenicPet Vitality his mobility and youthful energy has been restored to the dog I once knew. But for me as an owner the most important feeling is that my dog is pain free.”

Mike Dewar, owner, ex-fireman

BiogenicPET Vitality protocol:

Ace was taking 3×2 of the Vitality Large tablets every day for 52 days until he reached full recovery as seen in the video. Ace is now on a 2×1 tablets per day maintenance dose and plans to stay on it for the rest of his life.

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Meet Beryl, a 14 years old Patterdale Terrier, her full recovery from 2 years of osteoarthritis and difficulty moving, and her return to restored energy, mobility, and vitality in just 6 weeks!

„Beryl clearly didn’t enjoy her walks as she was in pain and couldn’t run or fetch. Thanks to the Vitality Challenge Trial in collaboration with Dogs Today Magazine Beryl has completely recovered from arthritis and her vitality and youthful energy is restored. She enjoys her walks again, she can run up the stairs which she couldn’t do before, and even chase foxes in the woods.”

Rosie Ashforth, owner

BiogenicPET Vitality protocol:

Beryl was taking 2×2 of the Vitality Small tablets daily during the first six weeks of recovery. Now she maintains her youthful energy and vitality on 2×1 tablets per day and plans to stay on it for the rest of her life.

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Meet Basil, an 8.5 years old Entlebucher Mountain Dog, his full recovery from torn cruciate ligament injury and TPLO surgery, and his return to youthful energy and vitality in just 6 week!

„Basil is a former show dog and a couple of years ago he tore his cruciate ligament and had to have TPLO surgery which took him 6 months to recover from. Even after the recovery he couldn’t enjoy the daily walks and when he overdid it on playing he paid the price the next day, he was sore and stiff the next morning. When we heard about the Vitality Challenge Trial we decided to give it a try and we’re glad we did because Basil is now back to his old self, energetic and loves his runs.”

Robyn Burnett, owner

BiogenicPET Vitality protocol:

Basil was taking 2×2 tablets of the Vitality Small for 4 weeks until his full recovery and restored energy and vitality. Basil is now on 2×1 tablets per day and plans to stay on it for the rest of his life.

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Meet Alice, an 11 year-old Labrador and former canicross raiser, her return to restored youthful energy and vitality in just 6 weeks!

„Alice has always led a very active life, she participated in all sorts of sports, dog diving, agility, but her most favorite of all sports is canicross racing. She started showing signs of aging and suddenly her mood changed and willingness to move drastically changed. When Dogs Today Magazine announced an opportunity to try a new feed supplement co-sponsored by BiogenicPet Vitality there was no question that Alice had to give this new supplement a try. To our surprise Alice loved the tablets from the beginning, but more importantly soon started to restore her energy and vitality. Today Alice is the happy fun loving dog she used to be and this is all because of the Vitality tablets.”

Ann Newman, owner

BiogenicPET Vitality protocol:

Alice was taking 2×2 of the Vitality Large tablets for 6 weeks until her full recovery, restored youthful energy and vitality. Alice is now on a 2×1 tablets per day maintenance dose and plans to stay on it for the rest of her life.

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Guaranteed results or your money back!

The makers of BiogenicPET Vitality and the distributor PurrfectlyYappy.com are dedicated to the wellbeing of your four legged friends and we stand behind the efficacy of the Vitality tablets with a 30 day money back guarantee. The only condition is that we ask you to finish the entire box of Vitality, all 60 tablets, to really give BiogenicPET Vitality a fair try.

Proven track record of high success rate!

In the past 16 years since the launch of the first pet supplement containing standardized oligopeptides in 2005 in Belmont California, tens of thousands of dogs’ and cat’s quality of life have improved. Moreover, every animal who has taken the standardized oligopeptide for over a year also experienced healthy longevity and outlived their pier dogs and cats, some by many years.

You can slow down the effect of ageing and the degeneration processes with BiogenicPET Vitality!

By providing natural growth-factors (standardized oligopeptides) to your dog and cat on a daily basis you can slow down the degeneration processes of the joints and ligaments, moreover you can provide effective daily maintenance of the cells and tissues necessary to keep joints strong and healthy. When your dog manifests difficulty of moving and signs of pain it means serious inflammation of the soft tissues of the joints and ligaments. Left untreated can lead to irreversible degeneration and long term chronic pain and immobility.

You have the chance to provide a natural solution for healthy longevity and pain free active life!

The great news is that many severe and sometimes life-threatening cases of inflammatory osteoarthritis can be treated with BiogenicPET Vitality. Other common cases of recoveries were reported in the areas of Cushing’s Disease, Hip-, Knee-, and Elbow-Dysplasia, which all may be eliminated naturally by administering standardized oligopeptides and natural growth-factors therapy.

What can you expect?

In less severe cases of inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders such as osteoarthritis dogs experience relatively fast recoveries from the inflammation and seen restored energy and vitality in just 2-3 weeks on a normal daily dose of 2×1 BiogenicPET Vitality tablets.

In more severe cases of inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders such as osteoarthritis recovery can take up to 2 months and may require increasing the daily dose up to 3×2 BiogenicPET Vitality tablets. The rewards of recovery, restored energy, regained vitality and pain free life far outweighs the price of the BiogenicPET Vitality tablets.

Give BiogenicPET Vitality a try to get back the dog you once knew!

Give your beloved four-legged friend the ultimate rejuvenating supplement for all the benefits of whole-body rejuvenation through the power of natural growth-factors:

  • Overall youthful energy, improved mood, sleep, and appetite
  • Willingness to move around and play even in cases of very old and frail animals
  • Amazing joint pain relief from serious joint, knee, and hip injuries
  • Faster and in many cases full recovery from arthritis and inflammation
  • Faster recovery from skin injuries and improved fur and skin within weeks
  • Less anxiety from separation, lack of space, and being home alone
  • Improved and more controlled reproductive biology and fertility rate in both sexes
  • Improved skeletal and muscular volume, and improved body posture
  • Improved concentration, agility, and performance of working dogs

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